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24 V Loop power supply HART mode setting with loop power (adds 250 ohm resistor) 100 % larger dual display 1,200 ohm drive capability on mA source Enhanced backlight with two brightness settings 0-100 % mA Span Check buttons to toggle between 4 and 20 mA Infrared I/O serial port compatible with FlukeView® Forms Software Version 2.1 (available Feb. 2003) Externally accessible fuses for easy replacement DMM designed to meet 1000 volt IEC 1010 CAT III standards Precision 1000 V, 440 mA true-rms digital multimeter Frequency measurement to 20 kHz Min/Max/Average/Hold/Relative modes Diode Test and Continuity Beeper Simultaneous mA and % of scale readout 20 mA dc current source / loop calibrator / simulator Manual Step (100 %, 25 %, Coarse, Fine) plus Auto Step and Auto Ramp Externally accessible battery for easy battery changes Fluke combined a loop calibrator and a DMM to give process technicians double the power in one tool (the Fluke 787). Now we made it even better – the ultimate loop calibration multimeter – the Fluke 789 ProcessMeter. The 789 has a display that's not only twice as large, but also twice as bright with two levels of backlighting. With its...

4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA with 1 m A resolution 0-100mV with 10 m V resolution 0-12V with 1mV resolution Thermocouple K,J,E,T TYPE 1 o C 1 o F resolution Frequency 2 - 50,000Hz  

iCal is a multifunction calibrator and an arbitrary function generator Unique mapping function allows direct calibration of voltage and temperature Source: mA(4 to 20mA), V(0 to 15V, 0 to 70mV), Hz, sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, truncated sine wave, and user programmable waveforms Measurements: Current (mA), voltage (V, mV), temperature (°C, and °F) Frequency range: (0.3 Hz to 20 kHz) Programmable frequency and phase synthesis of single tone and DTMF for devices such as MP3, MD, and telephone lines The Function Generator can examine transistor DC bias characteristics, and amplifier overload and transient characteristics The iCal can be programmed with a PC or Laptop via the USB port All calibration results can be saved in iCal's memory (2000 records) Data can be saved under different file names for efficient record keeping

VOLTAGE/CURRENT CALIBRATOR * Current source : 0 to 24 mA, 2 ranges. * Current measurement : 0 to 24 mA, 2 ranges. * Power (12 V) and current measurement of two wire loop : 0 to 24 mA, 2 ranges. * DC mV source : -199.9mV to +199.9mV.

A highly integrated multifunction calibrator featuring several patented technologies. The Multifunction temperature calibrator is an ultra-compact and easy to use hand-held device for sourcing, simulating and measuring temperature and electrical signals. It is with Cellphone-like menu, task management function; SPM028 is ideal solution for calibrating, maintaining, and troubleshooting in both field and laboratory. Simulates and measures 13 thermocouples(K、 E、J、T、N、R、S、B、C、D、G、L、U)and 11 RTDs(Pt1000、Pt500、Pt100、Pt10、Cu10、Cu50、Cu100、Ni120、Ni100),with automated cold junction compensation, 24V loop power supply with independent measuring and sourcing function, Documenting storage and automated procedure capability, Easy to operate, With RS232 interface.

SPM029 multifunction loop calibrator is a process tool for measuring, sourcing and simulating loop current, mV/ V, loop integrity, and also perform switch testing. Its smart phone-like menu and interface makes it simple and easy to use. SPM029 multifunction loop calibrator is an idea for calibrating, maintaining, and troubleshooting various loop devices in the field. Measuring and sourcing loop current, mV and V independently. 24V loop power supply with independent measuring and sourcing function Documenting storage and automated procedure capability. Easy to operate.

FEATURES ● Wide range of operating voltage from AC 210V/50Hz to 250V/50Hz.● For checking AC voltage.● For checking a RCD tester's test current & time in mA(ms).● For checking a loop tester.● For wiring check (Phase, Neutral, Earth).● For checking continuity.● For checking insulation (The maximum is 1.2kV).● For checking UK16th edition.     SPECIFICATIONS RCD Testing Range 10mA @ 150ms 30mA @ 150ms 150mA @ 30ms Insulation Testing   Range 1MΩ / 9.9MΩ / 99MΩ Accuracy ± 1% Max. Testing 1.2kV Continuity Testing Range 0.5Ω / 2Ω / 10Ω Accuracy ± 0.05Ω / ± 0.1Ω / ± 0.2Ω Max. Current 300mA LOOP Testing Range Supply Loop / Supply Loop +1Ω Accuracy 0.45Ω ± 0.05Ω / 1.45Ω ± 0.05Ω • Dimension: 330(L)x260(W)x160(D)mm • Weight: Approx. 2570g